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River Village RV Park Rules & Policies


Check-in time: 1pm-6pm     Late arrivals must be approved by the office prior to check-in.

Check-out time: 12:00 PM

Call 970-527-4434 T-F 9am-3pm

Call 970-234-3333 Sunday-Saturday 8am-8pm use this number outside of regular office hours.

Quiet time: 10:00 PM - 6:00 AM   


Do not walk, bike, or drive through other guest’s sites. Please keep your possessions on your site. No commercial business may be operated in the Park. Door to door sales and soliciting are not permitted at any time by anyone. Management reserves the right to refuse service or to eject anyone from the premises at guest's own expense. Guests and their visitors use the park at their own risk. Management and owners are not responsible for damage, injury, or loss to persons, pets, or property.


Our base rate includes 4 people–must be 14 years or older, and 1 pet. An additional $5/night fee will be charged per night for a 2nd pet, $10 per night for the 3rd pet, and $15 per night for the 4th pet. Rates are prorated for weekly and monthly reservations. Each site is allowed a max of 4 pets-sited dependent.

 Each additional person is $5.00/night with a max number of 6 people/night/site-dependent on site. Each fee includes 1 recreational vehicle with a vehicle or 1 vehicle and trailer if the space allows. All vehicles need to be parked inside guest space and not overhanging into the Park’s streets. If your vehicle or a visitor’s vehicle doesn’t fit in your space, it can be parked in the overflow parking area. Each additional vehicle is $5/night. Your visitor must register at the Park Office. No parking in empty RV spaces at any time. Guests will be charged $10.00/incident. This fee will be added to the guest's account, regardless of time in space, whether 1 hour or 1 day. 

—Guests are financially responsible for any damage to campground property, intentional or accidental; so please respect the grounds.

—Campground guests are responsible for the conduct, behavior and monitoring of their children and visitors.

Recreational Vehicles (RV)

Campers and RV’s must be 10 years old or newer.  All items must be factory made and there must be no “homemade” items. Only objects which are allowed to be stored underneath the RV are wheels and hitches. The only items which are allowed to be stored outside of the RV are as follows: outside patio chairs and table, working bicycle, and BBQ grills.


1 vehicle is included in each site fee. Each additional vehicle is $5/night. Vehicles and/or recreational vehicles cannot block the road. If additional vehicles do not fit in your space, then the vehicle can be parked in the overflow parking area. ATV/UTV and other large terrain vehicles are prohibited from use in the park. Only vehicles which are personally insured can be driven/used within the park. 


Owners are responsible for their pet(s). All pets must be leashed at all times inside the park, and owners must clean up after pet(s) immediately. Guests found walking dogs without “doggies bags” and/or not picking up poop will be fined $50 per incident. Pet(s) must not disturb other guests in the park. Pet(s) cannot be left unsupervised inside of RV or outside of RV. Management reserves the right to restrict disruptive or aggressive breeds and/or pets.

  One pet is included in the site fee. An additional $5/night fee will be charged per night for a 2nd pet, $10 per night for the 3rd pet, and $15 per night for the 4th pet. Rates are prorated for weekly and monthly reservations. Each site is allowed a max of 4 pets-sited dependent.


Package drop-offs/deliveries of any kind are not permitted at the River Village RV Park office.  Mail will not be received at River Village RV Park for or on behalf of guests. 


 This Park is a ZERO TOLERANCE DRUG-FREE ZONE. Any person, guest or visitor, that is using, selling, or possessing any type of illegal drug, no matter the amount, will be reported to the proper authorities immediately.

- Radios, TVs, CD players, or other devices should not be heard outside of the RV. Quiet hours are 10:00 PM- 6:00 AM. Person may not encroach or trespass on any other spaces or any area which is not open for general use by guests or their visitors.  

-No climbing on rocks or waterfall: Non adherence is grounds for expulsion from park.

-Stay on walkways and roadways

-No bikes on walkways

-No moving tables or chairs between sites


Visitors must check-in/register at the Park Office.Visiting hours are 8 AM-10PM daily. Visitors must park in the designated area. Visitors cannot park in empty sites. Visitors are not allowed to bring pets into the park. VIsiting pets are not allowed. Visitors are allowed to stay max 8 hours during the daytime.

Site Ettiquete

No carpet or other solid objects allowed on the grass, where sprinklers or drip systems exist.

Waste Water

Discharge of water (septic or gray prohibited). No washing RV in RV Park. Only dry wiping allowed.


Dumpster will be available, absolutely no grease, oil, or gas may be dumped on the property.

  All garbage must be placed in the dumpster. No garbage is to be left outside, including overnight. Please break down the boxes.


Must pick up all cigarette butts.

If so, must clean up or a $50 fee can be assessed.


 Alcohol is permitted at rented sites. Renters and visitors must enjoy responsibly. We are a family run park. Public intoxications, profanity, and violence are not tolerated and are grounds for ejection from the park without refund.

Prohibited Items

 Fireworks including sparklers and explosives are prohibited within the park. Use of drones within the park is prohibited. Anyone caught with prohibited items may be asked to leave premises without refund.

Damage to Property

 Any damage to the grass, sprinklers, landscaping, curbing, or any site amenities will result in damage assessment and will be charged to the site. No Golf Clubs allowed in the park. No washing RV’s on site.

Enclosed Room & Structures

No porches, fences, pet runs, hanging shades, screen room, or other structures will be constructed at any site.

Fire Pits

Only briquettes or wood bought onsite. No outside wood allowed, no burning trash, cardboard, paper etc. Commercially sold fire starters and canned fluid for briquettes allowed. Fires must be contained in designated fire pits.  PLEASE DO NOT RELOCATE FIRE PITS.  IF CONCERNED ABOUT LOCATION OF FIRE PIT, PLEASE SPEAK TO THE OFFICE

Not Allowed

 gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc

Staying in Bounds of Park

  1. Park is under construction, no one allowed outside perimeter of completed area

  2. Not all the property is part of the park. Not allowed beyond perimeter

  3. No trespassing on neighbors property



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