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RV Campsites with Mountain Views

*2 day min, RV 10 years or newer


The 30 AMP RV campsites are perfect for smaller RVs and the 50 AMP pull-through spaces accommodate larger rigs. There is a fire pit included with most campsites and mountain views can be seen from your window. There is a walkway just steps from your RV which stretches throughout the park for you to enjoy the greenery and beautiful mountain views. Enjoy a walk to the river, on our new path, where you can soak up the sun at the edge of the river with the cool mountain breeze against your cheek. 


30 or 50 AMP Nightly 

2 night minimum. Age 14+

Introductory rate $60


30 or 50 AMP Weekly 

2 night minimum. Age 14+

Introductory rate $310

*A minimum of a 2-night stay is required. If less than 2 nights is selected for a reservation, then all spots will show as full. 
** All guests must be 14 years or older at the time of check-in. 
***RVs must be 10 years or newer.  Exceptions can be made at the owner's discretion. Please email us a photo of your RV if you believe an exception should be made for your RV.


30 or 50 AMP Monthly 

2 night minimum. Age 14+

Introductory rate $1050

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